The Problem

Polluters and their allies continue to deny the reality of climate change and spread lies about climate solutions.

  • Disinformation
  • Confusion
  • Inaction

Opponents of climate action give nearly $1billion/year to organizations that block climate action and promote disinformation about climate science and solutions.

97% of climate scientists say that humans are causing climate change, but only 52% of Americans understand that reality.

Until our country accepts the reality of climate change, we won’t have the political will for the bold action so urgently needed.

The Solution

We run people-powered campaigns that isolate deniers, combat disinformation, and spread the truth about climate solutions.

  • People Power
  • Accountability
  • Elevating Voices

Our community is 170,000 strong and growing.

We push major institutions to cut ties with climate deniers and come clean about climate solutions.

We lift up the voices of those most directly impacted by climate denial and delay.

Our History

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