Tell Congress: Reject Trump's Budget

Tell Congress: Reject Trump's Budget

Reject Trump's Budget

President Donald Trump's budget proposal is worse than we thought, and will lead us to climate chaos. Simply put, President Trump’s budget is morally reprehensible, dangerous, and un-American.

In every possible instance the programs that seek to stop climate change, study it, or mitigate its impacts are on the chopping block. Climate change programs save lives and assure a livable world for future generations. They are not the “waste of money” that the White House claims. 

As the Trump administration attempts to roll back climate regulations, cut scientific research funding, and deconstruct our nation’s most crucial programs, we must keep raising our collective voices like never before in support of truth, science, and all of the things we love which science protects.

Sign the petition and demand that members of Congress put partisan differences aside and step up to protect the American people from Trump’s devastating vision for our future.

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