Sign the Pledge: I Stand Up For Science!

Sign the Pledge: I Stand Up For Science!


Science is under attack. For decades, fossil fuel interests have spread climate science disinformation and funded climate-denying politicians while maintaining legitimacy through funding relationships with well-respected institutions like the American Geophysical Union.

Now, science and scientific institutions face unprecedented challenges with a new administration that proposes to gut science funding, pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, appoint a climate denier to head the EPA, and derail the Clean Power Plan. President-elect trump has even nominated Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State! And that's just the beginning...

In the midst of a climate crisis we must demonstrate a united front of everyday citizens, climate scientists, and frontline communities to demand that decision makers acknowledge the science that climate change is a real, human-caused, and urgent threat. We must all join together to strengthen the role of science in decision making and public policy, and hold accountable those who seek to undermine it.

Science isn’t just an academic issue — it's about survival. And it's about solidarity. Add your name to the pledge today.


UPDATE 12.2.16: Integrity matters. In light of impending attacks on science in 2017, we're standing with scientists to defend scientific integrity not only at the AGU but across all fronts. You can learn more about the AGU campaign here. 


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