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Video: Trump Appointees Cause Climate Change Panic

Segment on climate scientists at Stand Up For Science rally aired on Jake Tapper's The Lead on Thursday, December 15. Read more

Opposition to Exxon CEO's Secretary of State Bid Intensifies

On Saturday, when a report surfaced that Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson was the frontrunner for Secretary of State, environmentalists were understandably aghast. "This is terrifying," Emily Southard, campaign director for, said. Read more

Activists Cleverly Protest Trump's Climate Denier Pick to Head the EPA

Climate activists projected huge images and text onto the front of the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington Monday evening, calling on President-elect Donald Trump to not appoint climate change denier Myron Ebell as head of the agency. Read more
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Interactive Database Tracks Fossil Fuel Campaign Contributions in 2016 Election

Read more Action Responds to Climate Silence at Second Presidential Debate

Read more Action Calls on Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz to Ask Climate Question

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