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Nevada moves closer to reviving rooftop solar industry

Lawmakers in Nevada advanced yesterday with a bundle of bills that they say will revert back to more favourable rates for rooftop solar and increase the amount of energy credits for selling solar power. The bills have now moved to a full committee for consideration. Read more

'Science for the people': researchers challenge Trump outside US conference

Another organizer, Emily Southard, said that the rally and the march in Washington, were meant to help “demystify what scientists do”. She defended “science that delivers clean, safe drinking water to our faucets, science that’s being taken for granted – and that’s the science that’s being taken under attack.” Read more

Hundreds gather in Copley to ‘stand up for science’

On Saturday, Emily Southard, campaign director of and one of the rally’s organizers, said that the threats Trump has made against science have begun to come true. “Attacks on science are attacks on the public,” she said. Read more
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Thousands of Scientists Rally Outside of AAAS Conference

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Thousands Rally in Boston to “Stand up for Science”

Read more Responds to Confirmation of former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as next Secretary of State

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