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ClimateTruth.org responds to Trump’s first hint to climate policy: There is none

ClimateTruth.org responds to Trump’s first hint to climate policy: There is none


OAKLAND, Calif. –In response to the Trump administration’s relaunch of WhiteHouse.gov without a single mention of climate change, ClimateTruth.org Campaign Director Emily Southard said the following:


“The Trump administration may be able to delete all mentions of ‘climate change,’ but they cannot delete the truth: climate change is real, human-caused, and one of the most urgent threats our country faces. It should set off alarm bells for all Americans that President Trump and his administration would not recognize climate change as one of America’s top threats to national security, the economy, public health, and our most vulnerable communities.


“In place of a strategy to tackle climate change is the ‘America First Energy Plan,’ which promises to put America last in renewable energy development, clean energy jobs, and independence from fossil fuels.


“Additionally, a laundry list of core American issues  from healthcare to civil rights  are glaringly absent from the new WhiteHouse.gov. Frankly, it’s frightening to see the Trump administration’s decision to willfully ignore the issues that matter to so many Americans. The Trump administration has already shown their unwillingness to lead. It’s up to the rest of us to make climate change a priority and to push all our leaders to take action.”




We fight the denial, distortion, and disinformation that block bold action on climate change.

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